Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Follow the George Zimmerman trial with Charisse Van Horn and Examiner.com

Freelance writer Charisse Van Horn will continue her coverage of the George Zimmerman trial on three sites: Crime and Courts News; George Zimmerman Trial, Travyon Martin Murder Case and Tampa Crime Examiner for Examiner.com.

You may ask, "Why so many sites, Charisse? What's the deal?" And I will be
Freelance Writer Charisse Van Horn
straight up with you.

I'm biased.

Journalists are not supposed to be biased, and thankfully, I'm a blogger.

So, as you see, this site's address is "Travyvonmartinmurdercase.blogspot.com" and it links with the adjoining Facebook group: Justice for Trayvon Martin.

As a woman who is of mixed race, I found it extremely difficult to keep my personal opinions out of this case, therefore I created the Facebook group where I can let go, be myself, and chuck journalism ethics to the wayside. The Facebook group has been terribly neglected for the past year, but now that the trial is heating up, it will be revived.

So, what is Crime and Courts News? Though a blog, I'm much less biased on Crime and Courts News. I practice more journalism ethics there; however, I tend to stray from things I find confining, such as AP style writing. I really don't see the point of it and find it boring to say the least. This is a new generation, a new era and things such as "All headlines must be written in present tense" irk me. I
George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin on 2/26/12
find it ridiculous. So, though I will present a less biased point of view, you can forget about critiquing me on journalistic standards in my writing because I really don't care.

Crime and Courts News follows the latest trial news and updates, but allows me

to interact with readers and I am extremely tolerant to ALL Opinions...(I might fight back on Justice for Trayvon Martin's Facebook group, etc.)

Now, Tampa Crime Examiner at Examiner.com is a news site, if I choose to write news. If I choose to write a news article there, it will be in AP downstyle, free from all bias and submitted to Google News. Sometimes I do write other types of content on Tampa Crime, but it is always free of bias.

So, there you have it.

Three sites, three styles, one freelance writer.

Are you going to follow the George Zimmerman trial beginning on June 10, 2013?

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